Amazing Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men & Women With Meaning

An Anchor Tattoo Designs are one of the oldest design around which is inked on both Male & Female. It is popular because it is very versatile design. In this, we can mix a variety of designs and its size. In this artist can add a number of elements and symbols on it. Anchor Tattoo Designs is very much common used tattoos and it is one of the top trending tattoos.

Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men & Women With Meaning

anchor tattoo designs

cute anchor tattoo

 Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Anchor Tattoo has many variations as people symbolize it differently as they interpret it. In genuine the Anchor symbolize as their duty while different people symbolize it as a religious perspective. You Can Find the Best Anchor Tattoo Designs on our blog with different additions.


anchor tattoos for foot

anchor tattoo hope

Anchor Tattoo Designs:

This is one of the simple yet so classic design. It came into existence from 2000 to 2500 B.C. At that time only sailors were the one who uses this design as it was the symbol of the way their life is, Passion and Occupation. Nowadays people have no link with the sailor yet they choose this tattoo design to ink on their body. You can make Anchor Tattoo designs including Ship wheels, Shark, Star, Heart, and many other designs. You can choose different size for it such as Small, Medium and Large. The Top Most Anchor Tattoo Designs which is on Trending are.

  • Anchor Heart Tattoo:- Such tattoos shows the compassion toward something or someone. It is more Romantic & Sacrificial side of the person.

heart anchor tattoo

  • Rose & Anchor Tattoo:- These designs symbolize love, Loyalty and honour. It is one of the beautiful design

anchor tattoo

  • Tribal Anchor tattoo:-It shows the life of a sailor filled with voyages to exotic lands. It represents their Culture.

tribal anchor tattoo

  • Anchor and Rope Tattoo:- This is one of the popular design is used as a Family Seal of US Navy by Lord Howard of Effingham.

rope tattoo


  • Popeye Anchor Tattoo:- Who doesn’t know him. I am a huge fan of him I guess you will be one of the fans of him. He is the oldest sailor ever.

popoye tattoo

Anchor Tattoos For Women:

Anchor tattoo designs are used by women as well as they inked them self with different Anchor designs because of its chic and classy look. The Anchor design can be simple yet stylish. So they prefer it as well as in different sizes.

anchor tattoos

anchor tattoo for women

Anchor Tattoos For Men:

Inking your body is one of the signs of self-expression and form of art. Men have inked themselves with different designs but most men prefer the Anchor Tattoos because it is a unique way of telling your story

tattoo for men

anchor tattoo on men

anchor tattoo on arm

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