31 Most Attractive & Beautiful Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs & Images

Tattooing is becoming a very famous trend which is followed by millions of peoples. In every 6 persons, 3 of them have ink themselves with a tattoo.  I a Recent case study this year it was estimated that tattoo business has earned around $2 Billion this year. We are going to discuss today the Latest Tattoo Design which is known as Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs. It is making its impact on people as most of the men and women are into Behind The Ear Tattoo. We will discuss in this post about the given topic below. So make sure you go through all the Images and ideas we share.

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Beautiful & Attractive Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Most of the teenagers are looking for this designs very much. As it is a trending design which comes with beautiful textures and shades. These tattoos are mostly small in size and the best factors come in that it can hide easily.  Behind The Ear, Tattoos Designs looks sexier when it is done with a piercing on the ear. Women chose it because it is easy to hide and can flaunt it whenever she feels like.

behind the ear tattoo designs

amazing tattoo

quotes tattoo

anchor tattoo

cat tattoos behind ear

big tattoo behind the ear


Men usually go for big tattoos on shoulders and chest but nowadays they also started inking such tattoo designs. Behind Ear Tattoo comes with many unique designs which you will definitely fall for. It is a sensitive place to get where you can feel more pain if you go through a large tattoo on Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs. If you are looking for something new and attractive then Behind the ear tattoo designs is a great option.

big tattoo behind ear

behind the ear tattoos

feather tattoo behind ear

initials tattoo

behind the ear tattoo

behind the ear tattoo design

Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs:

When you have decided to ink a tattoo then you have come the right place to get an idea. We have the best option for you. Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs is perfect for you if you want a small tattoo. The best thing about this tattoo is that it comes with multiple designs you can ink anything you like. You can get tribal tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, cat tattoo, star tattoo or anything which give you best look. You can also add colorful tattoos. Mostly eye-catching colors are used in it because it is a small design it will be seen properly when you see it closely. We have collected some amazing designs with short descriptions and images check it below.

Top Tattoo Designs

  • Honey bees Tattoo: Behind the Ear Tattoo designs come up with Honey Bee Tattoo as they are great diligent workers  Cooperation and have great understanding sense. The best thing about this design is that it comes with great meanings and are very adorable.

honey bee

  • 3D behind the ear tattoos: 3D Tattoos are always a great choice especially behind the year. You can choose any Tattoo reflection which will make the design look more elegant.

3d tattoo behind ear`

  • Anchor Tattoo Behind The Ear: Behind The ear Tattoo designs also have Anchor tattoo idea for those people who have a great attachment with aquatic or sailing. It is a perfect choice for them

anchor Tattoo Behind the ear

  • Blue Flower Tattoo: If you are willing to give a feminine touch to your tattoo then adding a flower behind the ear is a perfect choice especially a blue Flower which will look amazing

behind the ear tattoo blue flower

  • The Eye Tattoo: Making a simple eye behind the ear tattoo will give an elegant look. It is a simple and attractive design.

eye tattoo behind the ear

  • Heart Beat Tattoo: It is the best choice and looks very elegant. I have seen many people doing this design. Do try this design it will look amazing on you.

heart beat tattoo behind the ear

  • Initials Tattoo: If you have a secret love or a crush just get her/his initial tattoo done. It is the best choice for lovers to get a tattoo of your lover initial.

Initial behind the ear tattoo

  • Paw Print Tatoo: A perfect choice for an animal lover he will definitely love to see this design. It is small and attractive. Do it know if you are a true animal lover.

paw print tattoo behind the ear

Behind The Ear Tattoo Idea:

Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs have the best thing that it has not lots of ideas. Just you can do it on the shell of the ear, or you can get it on your earlobe and some people like it to ink on upper ear rim. These tattoos are small but painful.  You can hide it very easily which is great. It will look perfectly amazing and cute.

behind the ear tattoo idea


tatoo design

heart tattoo behind the ear

Behind The Ear Tattoo Pros and Cons:


So let’s start with the positive points of this tattoos

  1. It is a very Painful tattoo but the good thing here is that it is a small place to get ink so the pain will go easily and very fast unlike other tattoos in large size.
  2. If the tattoo hurts more you can add Tattoo Numbing Cream on it. The best thing about this cream is that it is specially made for tattoo pain relief.
  3. The best thing about behind the ear tattoo designs is that you can select any design no one can notice it easily.
  4. You can easily conceal this tattoo with medium hairs. So it can be noticeable easily


  1. Be very careful in selecting this part of the body because it is the most painful place to get ink.
  2. This part has a Very Thin Skin so you can easily feel the needle moving into the skin. The pain level is very high
  3. It is not visible to people until they are standing very close to you because mostly Behind the ear tattoo designs are small
  4. You cant have an open hairstyle if you want your tattoo to be seen
  5. The biggest Con is that you can’t see it yourself that often in the mirror. Until you are positioned in the right way in front of the mirror.

We have also selected some of those Behind the year tattoo designs which is a true beauty. Check out the images below.

  • Feather Tattoo Behind Ear

feather tattoos behind ear

  • Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

rose tattoo behind ear

  • Diamond Tattoo

dimond tattoo behind the ear

  • Cat Tattoo

cat tattoo behind ear

  • Moon Tattoo Behind Ear

moon tattoo behind ear

  • Cross Tattoo Behind Ear

cross tattoos


  • Crown Tattoo Behind Ear

crown tattoo behind ear

  • Angel Wing Tattoo Behind Ear

wing tattoo behind ear

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