Best Cover Up Tattoo Idea For Old Tattoos And Scars To Add New Tattoo Design

A tattoo is a form of art that is applied to the different body parts, in which modified the skin where design is made by inserting the different color of ink. Sometimes when you make a tattoo you do not make sure that which tattoo is perfect for you. You pick the wrong tattoo and that is your biggest mistake. If you are facing this type of condition than here several Tattoo Cover Up Ideas. The tattoo is not permanent, now you easily fade out, remove or cover up your unwanted tattoo. If you can face these type of pain than here a collection of horrible and lovely cover up ideas that cover up your Tattoo properly and you proud of it. If you get your ex-name on your body part then you easily cover up and got a new attractive color tattoo. Today We Gona discuss Cover Up Tattoo Ideas which will help you a lot in making it happen

cover up tattoo

Cover Up Tattoo Idea & Designs For Old Tattoos And Unwanted Ink

If you have an unwanted tattoo than you deal it in two ways: Tattoo Cover Up or Tattoo Removal by laser treatment. Tattoo cover up is the cheaper treatment to cover up your unwanted tattoo.   Tattoo removal is the process in which you removed your unwanted tattoo completely and partially. This process is very expensive and also it is not guaranteed. Tattoo cover up completely covers your old tattoo with a new design. Some tattoos are challenging to cover up than white ink used on it to make lighter and cover up easily. An old tattoo covers by the dark color ink that looks attractive and colorful. Most tattoos are old and poor quality tattoos that are easy to cover up with the new design. Mostly tattooists covering the unwanted tattoos by the same color or darken ink color.

What is a Cover Up Tattoo?

Cover Up Tattoo is the process in which your previous Unwanted Tattoo is replaced with the new one tattoo. You have two options to get rid of unwanted tattoo included Cover Up Tattoos or Laser Tattoo Removal. The cover-up tattoo is the low-cost process than laser tattoo removal. In the Cover Up Tattoo, the unwanted tattoo replaced by the new tattoo with the dark color ink.  If your tattoo becomes older and light then you cover it with the new tattoo design. The old tattoos are quite easy to replace with the dark ink. Firstly before the cover-up tattoo, you need to pick the design and concern properly with the tattoo artist or the expert.

flower cover up tattoos

How does Cover Up Tattoo Work?

The Cover Up Tattoo is the easy process as compared to the laser tattoo removal. In the cover-up tattoo, the ink is deposited at least one millimeter in the beneath of the skin in the dermis layer. The dermis layer is below the epidermis where you got the first unwanted tattoo. Simply the ink is inserted on the same place where you have the Old Tattoo or Unwanted Tattoo. For the Cover Up Tattoos always use the dark color ink that easily covers the old tattoo. The two color ink combined and makes the new color like the red and blue together turn into the purple color on your skin.

When the expert works on the covering of the Tattoo Design. Usually, they focus on the color of the Old Tattoo that how to incorporate the new ink. Mostly peoples didn’t want the Black Color Tattoo then the color inks are used to cover the old tattoo. The certified professional tattoo artist always starts working after the chalking out a strategy to make the new design and color of the previous tattoo.

color cover up tattoos

Colors Use to Conceal a Cover Up Tattoo:

While the covering and redoing the old tattoo may cause the pain in the neck, allergy and also suffer from the other horrible experiences. If you want to cover your old tattoo then firstly learn about the colors that are used to cover the tattoos. It will help you to make the decision and gives wise ideas.

  • Each tattoo artist use the black color for the cover-up tattoo because it is a standard color
  • You can also find oranges, greens, and blues, magentas, and browns colors while covering the tattoo.
  • The different dark shades of the same color cover up your tattoo easily in little time.
  • When the new ink color combine with the old tattoo make the new brand new color.

You see that while covering the tattoo the most important part is to use the different color and clever placement of the design to hide the old unwanted tattoo. While if have the light blue color tattoo then the tattoo artist pleasantly replaced it with the royal blue, purple or the lime green color in the little time.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

As you have already read about some amazing facts about the Cover Up Tattoos. So we Will provide you some amazing ideas of some Cover Up Pictures which will help you choose the ideal Cover Up Tattoo Design.

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Wrist

Cover Up Tattoo On wrist

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Forearm

Cover Up Tattoo On forearm

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Hand

cover up tattoos on hand

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Chest

cover up tattoo on chest

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Neck

cover up tattoo on neck

  • Cover Up Tattoo On Finger

cover up tattoo on finger

The Process of Cover Up Tattoos:

The process of covering the old unwanted tattoo with the new design is following.

  • Your tattoo artist start the procedure by tracing the old tattoo design on the paper
  • Outline the significant feature of your old tattoo.
  • Find the tattoo design for replacing the old tattoo.
  • The new tattoo gets the maximum coverage
  • The artist put the outline under the light and places another thin piece.
  • Start the covering up the process by fainted out the design
  • Conceal the old tattoo area
  • Make a new design with dark color ink.

amazing cover up tattoos

Can Cover Up Change Tattoo Color Only?

Most of the tattoo lover love tattoo but also want the different unique color tattoo. Choosing the right color for the tattoo is the confusing process for the light and dark shades of the colors. The people who just want to replace the tattoo for changing the color has fewer options to choose.  While covering the tattoo you just choose the fix dark color shades for a new tattoo. It is the risky task to choose the color on your own choice for a cover-up tattoo. Here you have the options to transform the lighter hues in the dark.

  • The red color turns into brown color
  • Pink blends with magenta color easily
  • Shades of Blue color mixes with purple color
  • You can always change yellow color into green color

best cover up tattoo

Things to Remember before Opting for a Cover Up Tattoo:

While covering the old unwanted tattoo is easily replaced but these things are important to remember before opting for the cover up tattoo.

  1. Tattoo size
  2. Tattoo color
  3. Dark color might see through
  4. Old Tattoos are Easy to Cover
  5. Design of tattoo
  6. Find an Experienced Tattoo Artist

The size of the new Cover Up Tattoo is always bigger in the size. While covering the tattoo the size of the tattoo is not always as your own choice. The new tattoo gives you the opportunity to cover the old unwanted tattoo. The dark shades are always used for cover the old Color Tattoo. The mostly shades are used for covering tattoo of these colors include blue, brown or black. While concealing the ink the shade of red, orange, and yellow provide the right amount of coverage. Mostly the tattoo artist uses brighter colors for fixing the new design. If you have the dark color tattoo and not easy to fade then firstly compared with the white and yellow color and it became lighter than the fix new tattoo design.

The old lighter tattoo is easy to cover then new compared the other tattoos. It is easy to cover because the old tattoos become older, lighter and break down as time passes. The shades of black and blue color are easy to cover up with the red and yellow color. The covering the old tattoo is exactly like the new tattoo. While covering the old tattoo the design of the new tattoo matters a lot. So, pick the best design for covering with the help of an expert because not every design is easy for a cover-up tattoo. Choose the design that relates your old tattoo and maximum in the size. The small tattoos are easy to cover then the big tattoo. By covering the old tattoo you didn’t get the new tattoo. Cover Up Tattoo just helps you to replace your old unwanted tattoo with the new design.  While, before starting the treatment properly concerned with the experienced certified doctor.

cover up tattoo design

Basic Methods Used in the Cover Up Tattoos:

The covering up the tattoo with the new design is the risky job. If you want to replace your tattoo with the new design then some common tricks are here that helps you.

  • Pick new cover up design close to the old tattoo.
  • Strengthening the weak lines
  • Incorporating the features
  • Options are available to improve the overall look of your old tattoo.
  • Correcting the spelling in the tattoos
  • Fading the tattoo by removing the excess ink
  • Drawing the white based on the tattoos that require the short session. It becomes your old tattoo lighter.

small cover up tattoo

Tips To FollowTo Maintain your Cover Up Tattoo:

Cover up tattoo is a fantastic way to get rid of your embarrassing unwanted tattoo but it is very risky. While cover up tattoo may cause irritation, skin reaction, redness, allergy but these are for the little time. So, some tips are here that save your cover tattoo for irritation. When you cover up the tattoo you need to take extra care to boost the healing process.  Here are the tips that what you can do while cover up tattoo process.

  • Listened to the instruction of your Tattoo Artist
  • Avoid Wiping
  • Use Antibacterial Soap on tattoo
  • Wash the Tattoo after Few Hours
  • Avoid the Scab Formation
  • Use Moisturizer on the tattoo
  • Avoid Excess use of Water
  • Avoid sunlight
  • Be Patience with the Healing

Cover up a tattoo with the design is a little bit difficult so be careful about picking a new design. Before starting properly concern with the expert about your tattoo that which tattoo is better for you. Never set your expectations higher. Sometimes you never get anything that you exactly want. It is possible that you never get the actual size and the exact design that you looking for. Now I will show you the best genius ideas for cover up the tattoo.

simple cover up tattoos

Top Amazing Cover Up Tattoo Ideas:

  • Crow Cover up Tattoo: Crow tattoo is a tribal tattoo that is realistic. In reality, it looks horrible but attractive. So, if you don’t like your previous Tattoo Design then you can cover it with the crow tattoo. It’s not a bad idea you easily cover up your old tattoo with the crow tattoo. Crow Tattoo may be taking more area than your previous tattoo. Crow tattoo is easily covered your previous unwanted tattoo and give a new outstanding look.

crow cover up tattoo

  • Back Roses Cover up Tattoo If you have a tattoo on your back and you don’t like it. Sometimes you pick the wrong design for yourself that exactly not suits on you. So, if you have the unwanted tattoo and you want to cover it with the new design then properly concern with the trainer. Pick the best design for you back. Roses are the most beautiful flower that loved by everyone so Back Cover up Grave stone heart roses is the best idea and you try it.

back roses cover up tattoos

  • Dragonfly Cover Up Tattoo: The size of the Tattoo is mattered if you have the smaller tattoo and you want to cover it than its easy process. The experts easily cover up your small tattoo with the new one tattoo. If you want to replace your old small tattoo with the new tattoo then choose the right tattoo. A beautiful and colorful Dragonfly Tattoo Design is the best choice for covering the old unwanted tattoo.

dragon fly cover up tattoos

  • Flower Cover Up Tattoos: Covering the old unwanted tattoo with the new tattoo is not a big deal. If you have a tattoo in the words and you want to replace your tattoo with the colorful shades than flower cover up tattoo is the best idea. A flower looks attractive and lovely. So if you have a boring Tattoo than you replace it with Flower Tattoo. The result of this is really very pretty, attractive and impressive. Get The Flower Cover Up Tattoo and make your bad experience to good Art.

flower cover up tattoo

  • Watercolor Birds Cover Up TattooLook at this previous tattoo the size of the tattoo is very small. The size of old unwanted spider tattoo is small. The new tattoo which is the colorful bird is very impressive and attractive. Your small tattoo covers easily and you feel better with it. These watercolor birds cover up tattoo looks perfect and it is an eye-catching tattoo.

water color bird cover up tattoo

  • Portrait Cover Up Sleeve Tattoo: As time goes the old tattoos go unattractive and slightly boring. You get bored with your old designs and want a new attractive and impressive design. You have the old tattoo and you want to cover it with the new attractive design. If yes then you cover it with the portrait covers up a tattoo that gets attention. Portrait cover up tattoo is fabulous and eye-catching. If You have an Arm Tattoo and you Regret it then you can turn it into Sleeve Tattoo. Cover Up Sleeve Tatto can make your tattoo more attractive.

sleeve cover up tattoos

  • Flower Wrist Cover Up Tattoo: By the time, the old tattoos faded away and become lighter. So these types of tattoo are easily covered up with the different shades. If you have faded design on your wrist than pick a new design to cover up. In this a simple bird tattoo that is very beautiful design but it is lighter by the time it loses their quality. So cover it with the Flower Tattoo that gives a lovely look.

flower wrist cover up tattoo

  • 3D Skull Cover Up Tattoo: The 3D skull is a fabulous idea to cover up the previous unwanted tattoo. The best thing about the new cover-up tattoo is that it is much cooler and attractive than the previous design. The new tattoo is made by darker colors by the new styling ideas. 3D Skull Tattoo is the best in which shadow across of the skull easily covers the old unwanted design.

3d skull cover up tattoos

  • Color Full Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo: In this, the previous old tattoo is based on the middle of the arm. Covering this tattoo with the color ink is a fabulous idea. The colorful full sleeve covers the more area than the previous but it’s attractive. The previous old tattoo cover behind the colors and beautiful attractive design.

color full sleeve cover up tattoo

  • Diamond cover up tattoo: Cartoon characters are not just like by the kids. Sometimes, your choice of cartoon tattoo is your own choice. If you have a Cartoon Tattoo and want to cover it then the diamond cover up tattoo is the best. This Tweety bird tattoo is covered by the 3D shinning red color Diamond Tattoo that looks amazing and lovely.

diamond cover up tattoo


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