Top Brilliant Collection Of Lion Tattoo on Hand With Designs & Ideas are Available

Inking is one of the most painful act for the person who is new in tattooing. I Say “Painful” Because it is not as simple as it looks when the design is complete you have to be a little brave to get a tattoo. So let’s Start our Topic for Today. We will discuss today A Lion Tattoo on Hand. It is the most amazing design which a person can get on his Hand. What comes in your Mind when you hear a name Lion Don’t Start Running. I just ask you to assume, Ok lion is a powerful animal and Lion is a King of a Jungle which a Normal Person doesn’t want to visit for sure. Lion is a Symbol of Power, Strength, and Royalty. So a Man will Love to Have its Tattoo on his hand.

Lion Tattoo on hand

lion tattoo design

lion on hand tattoo

king of jungle

A hand is one of the Visible parts of the body where you can get a Tattoo. A Perfect place to get a tattoo so people can know your creativity level.  I have seen people with a hand tattoo so I feel that there is more to discover in them. As they are an addict to Tattoos so we can also find other tattoos on their body part. People always want the best design on their Hand. So what else is more attractive and eye-catching than a Lion Tattoo Design on Hand. To be Frank there are other designs as well which can suit your hand but Lion Tattoo on Hand will be the best choice for sure.

lion tattoo on hand

lion girl tattoo

cute lion tattoo


lion king tattoos

Lion is the most dangerous creature In the World. He is Known as a King of the Forest. Were he Rules all other animals feared by him because of the rawness and power. What is the most powerful part of the Human body? It surely a Hand is. Special for Man a hand is the most powerful which can turn in to be the most dangerous weapon at times. So getting ink of lion tattoo on hand is giving a message to people that is “Stay Away From Me”

lion aggressive tattoo

attractive lion tattoo

Lion Tattoo on Hand Designs

Lion Tattoo is the best choice for the tattoo lover from many years till now. It’s not just because they are very amazing and adorable but it got amazing symbols behind which shows the reality of tattooing Lion Tattoo on Hand. Lion designs are very popular so that is the only reason why Top quality Tattoo Artists are bringing improvement in the designs day by day. There are making sure that this tattoo never lost its place in peoples heart and shall be the first choice of people to ink Lion Tattoo on Hand. There are countless designs available for lion tattoo but it depends on people what they are looking for. Lion Roaring Tattoo, Lion King Tattoo, or Lion Head Tattoo. There are also some people who love to get 3D lion Tattoo that also looks amazing.

If you are one of those people who hasn’t decide which design for lion Tattoo on Hand then we have some great options for you check the Images below.

  • Lion Head Tattoo

lion head tattoo

  • Lion With Crown Tattoo

lion with crown tattoo

  • Small Lion Tattoo 

small lion tattoo

  • Lion Roar Tattoo

lion roaring tattoo

  • Angry Lion Tattoo

angry lion

Lion and Wolf Tattoo

Lion and wolf tattoo

Lion Tattoo Meaning

Lion Tattoo on Hand is the most Amazing and cool tattoo its popularity also depends on the Different Meanings it holds. Lion is known as courageous and powerful creature.  If you think all these qualities are in you then it is the best choice for you to ink. Coming back to it symbols the other amazing meaning which is one of my favorites is. It Means you are all set to have full control of your life in your own hand, as you are tired of people controlling your life so it shows you are ready too set your own goals and control your life with power and courage. Some of the other famous meanings which you can find in lion tattoo on hand are Mention Below.

  1. Power:- As You know Lion himself means a “Power” because we all know he is the most powerful animal in the jungle. Most fearless and brave animal which is known as King. This is the only reason in the past why all the Kings were used to ink themselves with Lion Tattoos.
  2. Confidence:- Ok most of the people will be amaze with it as they haven’t heard it before why confidence. Let me tell you it is because he has the confidence to rule the Jungle and to be the King. He has the Confidence to attack any animal because he has the confidence that he is powerful.
  3. Leadership:- We all have seen that in every culture lions are the examples of People to become a leader. As they are one of the best symbols of Leadership the only reason is He is a Kin of the Jungle and all other animals do afraid of him.

simba tattoo

lion tattoos

Lion Tattoo ideas

What can be the best idea to have for lion tattoo on hand? Confused? Don’t be there is no rocket science in that. Here we are focusing only on Lion Hand Tattoo. So here only you have to select a perfect design whether it is a small or big it should be the best for you. There are different sizes of tattoos even on hand You can choose Small Tattoo as well but Full Hand Tattoo looks more attractive.

lion tattoo

lion tattoo on hands

Lion Tattoo Cost

Lion Tattoo is one of the famous tattoos and it is the most costly tattoo. We all know that Inking a lion is not a piece of Cake Special the Head Part.  So it is a bit expensive than other tattoos. Most of the Tattoo Artist Charge Hourly fees for such tattoos. Fees can be $200 to $300. Make sure you visit different artist and confirm the price and then get it from the Professional Artist.

lion sketch tattoo

lion tattoo idea

lion tattoo on hand idea

lion king tattoo


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