30 So Impressive Back Tattoos Ideas & Designs For Women

Perhaps one of the most commonly sought after body art inking has to be back tattoos for women. This was widely used in tribal societies throughout the centuries as an initiation to those joining the group and even today these tell many different tales with rich historical and personal significance.

Back Tattoos Women Ideas

Back Tattoos Women Ideas
full back tattoo women
Back Tattoos Women Designs
women back tattoo ideas
Back Tattoos for Women
women back shoulder tattoo

These graphics in ancient times often told of a boy’s transition to manhood. These intricate and complex designs contain shapes and dots marking a specific event in life with additional symbols representing other attributes which connect to the overall story of epic proportions. Many women were inked as a sign of belonging to their associated tribe or family.

In the modern world, tattoos on the back are simply designed for the purpose of body art with symbolism and meaning taking second place to the aesthetics unlike our long gone ancestors. However, the artistic creativity involved in these contemporary designs ensures they still have profound meaning.

Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

Lower Back Tattoos For Girls
Lower Back Tattoo
Lower Back Tattoos For women
lower back side tattoo
Lower Back Tattoos Ideas
lower back tattoo cover up designs

Evolution and changes in abundance has changed back tattoos for women over the decades. A stereotypical idea that back tattoos are excluded to those in specific social groups like gangs or biker groups, prison inmates or outcasts, means this type of design still has a stigma attached to it in certain societies.

More recent times have ensured that back tattoo for women are more widely accepted and the scope has increased to additional groups and different individuals with many Hollywood celebrities parading this body art with stylish pride. Actor Josh Hartnett has a Celtic knot design on his back, while Tommy Lee Jones sports tribal artwork on his and Lebron James has his back marked with “Chosen 1.”

Back Of Neck Tattoos

Back Of Neck Tattoos
Back Of Neck Tattoo
Back Of Neck Tattoos Ideas
flower tattoo on back of neck
Back Of Neck Tattoos Designs
tattoo on back of neck meaning

In modern society, artworks on the back can be selected to express your style, personality, beliefs or to creatively tell a story so more and more women are opting for these tattoos which no longer have the same stigma as they did in years gone by.

There is also a great deal of choice in back tattoos for women now as to the design, size and shape available. Whether you go for a small symbol or a mural type extravaganza that covers the whole area, the selection is abundant. Japanese and Chinese themes with distinct line and knots are popular as are horizontal designs which make the back look wider.

Angels Tattoos On Back

guardian angels tattoo designs
tribal angels tattoo
angels tattoo ideas
fallen angels tattoo
religious angels tattoo
hells angels tattoo
baby angels tattoo

If you want a more sculptured look then V-shaped graphics will enhance the body. However it is not just tattoo enthusiasts who love designs in this area but tattoo artists do too. This is due to the large amount of space available for them to work upon that gives them free artistic reign to create their masterpiece.

Why lower back tattoos are seen as tramp stamps?

The “Tramp Stamp” is a derogatory name for a tattoo which a woman has on her lower back. Women baring this type of tattoo was commonly labeled as tramps, whores, or anything else dealing with being promiscuous behaviour, during the early 70s and 80s and it does not seem like much has changed when it comes to people’s opinions since then, especially looking at the findings of a recent study.