TOP 50 Best Sexy Thigh Tattoos Ideas & Design for Women

People who generally wear shot dresses and look different from the crowd could go for Best Thigh Tattoos Ideas. These tattoos seriously are meant for attracting attention and are appealing to the eyes of the beholder. Thighs are one of the body parts that are mostly hidden behind your everyday dresses. So getting a tattoo for your thigh can be a best idea if you are planning to pose sexy bikini body.

Front Thigh Tattoos

Front Thigh Tattoos ideas
front thigh quote tattoos
Front Thigh Tattoos designs
front thigh rose tattoos
front thigh rose tattoos for girls
front thigh tattoos for women

There are a number of designs available for thighs and each and every one unique in its own way. From electric waves to metallic sketch, every one of them is so attractive in its own way. There is a wide array of designs and patterns, simple or complicated, intricate and sober lines can make your face look attractive.

Thigh Tattoos Designs and Ideas are strange but beautiful designs could make your body look vibrant and catches everyone’s eyes.

Small Thigh Tattoos

Small Thigh Tattoos
Small Thigh Tattoos female ideas
Small Thigh Tattoos ideas
Small Thigh Flower Tattoos
Small Thigh Tattoos designs

Today, a number of people are ready to sport a cool tattoo to bring up the beauty with the charms of the tattoos they sport. There is no doubt that people do work hard to upgrade their identity but a tattoo matching or showcasing one’s identity can do no harm.

There is unlimited space on thighs but a trained and a master tattoo maker can utilise that much, to make you look attractive and sexy with few simple strokes. Tribal symbols, snakes, skeletons and beautiful quotes, are some of the liked tattoos by the customers. But there are other designs as well to sport on your beautiful thigh skin.

Simple Thigh Tattoos

Simple Thigh Tattoos
Simple Bird Thigh Tattoos
Simple Thigh Tattoos for women
Simple Thigh Tattoos Designs for Women
Simple Thigh Tattoos ideas

Tattoos are not only making you feel sexually appealing but also boost your confidence. You can have anything as a tattoo but the only implication is that the tattoo is made with great care and artistic temperament. Tattoo art is very difficult to make and its meaning is difficult to understand as well. Every stroke, every article made in the tattoo shrieks their presence and importance to the onlooker.

Some people don’t understand the craze for Best Thigh Tattoos Ideas, but the people who are ready to get a tattoo for them and are ready to be patient throughout the process are very serious about the tattoo they want. It’s for a particular reason that tattoos are made.

Dragon Thigh Tattoos

Dragon Thigh Tattoos
Dragon Thigh and flower tattoo ideas
Dragon Thigh Tattoos ideas
Dragon Thigh Tattoos designs
Dragon Thigh tattoo Designs in 2021

It’s an art that is very hard to understand as it is not logical but an emotional thing. Thigh Tattoos depict something or the other about the person who has it. By watching a person’s tattoo closely one could learn a lot about that person.

Same goes for the part of the body where the tattoo has been made. Thighs are considered the best spot for a tattoo because of two three main reasons. Firstly, it’s well hidden for anybody to oppose at your work or any conventional places. Secondly, the skin doesn’t sag very easily.

Gun Tattoos On Thigh

Gun Tattoos On Thigh
Gun Tattoos ideas
Gun Tattoos On Thigh Designs
Gun Tattoos designs
Gun Tattoos On Thigh Designs for girls

Thirdly and most importantly, it serves your purpose of making you feel sexually appealing when you actually want to show it out. Thigh tattoos are something that people having love for tattoos often go for.

How much does a thigh tattoo cost?

A thigh tattoo can cost you up to $2,000. Prices for a small design on the hip, side, back or front of your thigh may be as cheap as $200. Even the cost of an upper thigh tattoo may be $500 to $1,000, if you have clean artwork and want black and grey styling. However, a full thigh tattoo will range from $800 to $3,000.

How bad does a thigh tattoo hurt?

Upper outer thigh

The thigh area (minus the inner part, of course) is a pretty good spot for someone wanting to try out and experience a tattoo. It’s muscular and there’s not a ton of nerves in this part, so it’s certainly a good area to get a tattoo on.

Inner thigh

Just like the inner arm, inner thigh tattoos can also hurt a lot. This area may have a lot of fat stores, but don’t let it discount the fact that the skin can also be thin and sensitive. Also, the closer you are to the genital area, the more painful it’s going to get.