Top Trinity Knot & Celtic Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

If you are a tattoo lover and wish to get a tattoo design done, there is one important point to remember. That is, never to go by what the popularity charts say, when it comes to choosing a design. Many designs have deep religious, philosophical, mythological and social connotations though they have won accolades of being ‘universal’ in their appeal.

Trinity Knot Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

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trinity knot tattoo for men
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trinity knot tattoo ideas
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Celtic Trinity DesignsThere are designs which may visually be extremely appealing, but may carry a meaning which may not hold an equal amount of appeal. For instance, let us take the example of the flower Iris. In medieval England, this flower was a symbol of virtue and righteousness. People even incorporated the design into a personal symbol. The same flower in France was adapted in to the heraldic coat of arms which still today remains synonymous with all that is French.

Celtic Trinity Tattoo

Celtic Trinity Tattoo
Celtic Trinity Tattoo for women
celtic trinity tattoo designs
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In Christianity, the three petals of the Iris flower is supposed to represent the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The symbol could also represent fish – shown as three fishes (Pisces symbol). This symbol was of special significance to early Christians who were persecuted and the fish was considered to be a valuable symbol. If two contenders met on the battle field and did not know each other, one would draw half the symbol on sand and the other would draw the other half, thereby establishing identity.

In Celtic culture though, the Trinity Knot has been found in various manuscripts, where it meant ‘Three-cornered’ in Latin. For the Celtic tribes scattered across Europe they may have seen this design as a representation of the 3 distinct yet interlocked facets of man: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. If you come down to India, the Trinity symbol embodies the creator, protector and the destructor, as it exists in every man’s inner nature, according to Hindu Vedic belief.

Christianity Holy Trinity Tattoo Designs

Christianity Holy Trinity Tattoo Designs
Christianity Holy Trinity Tattoo Designs for men
Christianity Holy Trinity Tattoo Ideas in 2021
Christianity Holy Trinity

Most trinity designs, though called trinity, will differ according to the land of its origin. So in you choose the Asian trinity design, you could also have a Hindu religious phrase or a chant like “Aum” inscribed beside it, to accentuate the design further.

For instance, the trinity tattoo design of interlaced fishes is one of the very earliest of Christian symbols; according to some beliefs they have a deep ‘satanic’ meaning attached to it. So, you have to be careful, which of these meanings you would like to be associated with, before you get your tattoo done.