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How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take?

Almost every person thinks before visiting the tattoo parlour about how long does a small tattoo session lasts and how much money he has to pay for the work done. But no one will ever give you an exact answer about the time of the tattoo. On this issue, they can only orient.

How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take

The time of application of the tattoo is very dependent on a combination of different factors. The size of the tattoo, its location, and the colour will play a role in the total cost and the duration of the work on transferring the sketch to the skin. Therefore, discuss your projects with your artist to approximate the time needed to complete the tattoo.

Tattoo Size

How Long Does A Small Tattoo Take? The size of your tattoo takes the most significant position in determining how long the tattoo session lasts. A small, simple box-sized tattoo will be packed for about an hour. Tattooing on the whole forearm may require you to persevere for 7-8 hours.

Tattoo Size

Tattoo Colour

Packing tattoos in colour usually takes longer than black and grey. Are you familiar with different styles of tattoo art? Some masters specialize in black and grey tattoos. Others offer creative and colourful works, so try to find an artist working with the style you need. The time of application of the tattoo is also very dependent on this factor.

Tattoo Specification

Detail has a massive impact on how long a tattoo session lasts. The more complicated your sketch, the more time it takes the wizard to implement it. For example, if you want to pack a tattoo with many small details, your artist will need more time to complete the work. The same will be valid for portrait tattoos, where close attention is paid to small details, such as hair, lips, eyelashes, which will require more concentration.

Tolerance of Pain

The time of tattoo application depends on such a seemingly insignificant factor as your tolerance of pain sensations. The longer you can endure tattoo stuffing pain, the less time it takes to complete it.

Tolerance of Pain

Master Experience

The experience of the master is another factor that affects how long the tattoo session lasts. If the master has a “packed hand,” he will perform his work much faster than the other master, who only picked up a tattoo machine. Tattoo application is work, and complicated and painstaking, requiring the performer to maximize concentration and attentiveness. Compared to other professions, examples include tile makers, designers, CAD engineers, and many others. Experienced artisans do their job much faster.

Wizard Schedule

Not often, but still, it happens that the time of tattoo application is very much stretched due to the schedule of the master. Some artists attend various conventions and conferences to share their art with a broader range of people. If your artist travels often, or if you started working with the artist while he was at the conference, then the tattoo time can extend until he returns to the city, or you go after him to complete the work. How long the tattoo session lasts, in this case, is very difficult to answer.