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How To Sleep With New Tattoo?

How to sleep with new tattoo, especially if it is the first one or is difficult, is more complicated than it seems. You will not be able to fall asleep as usual. Otherwise, you risk infecting the injured skin.

To do this, we have prepared an article on sleeping with a fresh tattoo, which we hope will help you spend your first nights with a new tattoo more safely and comfortably.

How To Sleep With New Tattoo?

Ask your tattoo artist what to do with plastic wrap

Before the first night, you have to spend with your newly acquired tattoo, be sure to ask your tattoo artist if you need to sleep with or without the film on the tattooed area. Follow his advice precisely.

Clean sheets at night, dirty in the morning

Dead skin and microbes accumulate on the sheets, so it is recommended to change them not to put themselves at risk. In addition, try not to get new bedding, at least on the first night you spend with a tattoo – the tattoo may stain them with a bit of ink.

Relax in comfortable clothes

This advice applies to both How to sleep with a new tattoo and relaxing during the day: try to wear comfortable clothes, at least in the area where the tattoo is so that it does not stick and eventually crust. In case of adhesion, dampen clothing with warm water to not peel off along with the top layer of new skin.

sleeping with new tattoo

Sleep with a new tattoo without contact with the tattoo

Try to fall asleep without lying on the tattoo. While this is very difficult, especially when it comes to areas such as the back or ribs, try to avoid contact with the bed as much as possible.

A tattoo, which is essentially a wound, needs a stream of air to heal quickly. Remember also; it is essential to sleep as much as your body needs: the body needs the energy to heal.