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Top 55+ Small Initial Tattoo Ideas That Are Surprisingly Cool in 2021

Initial Tattoo Ideas

Initial tattoos are about emotions. Your deep love for someone brings you to the stage where you tattoo their name letters. This is a permanent reminder of your closest friend or loved one.

You can show your love by getting a permanent tattoo of your loved one’s name on your body. This tattoo will last a lifetime. These facts are essential to know before you get your first tattoo.

Initial Tattoo Ideas
Initial Tattoo Designs
Initial Tattoo Ideas for men and women
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initial tattoo ideas for couples

Initial Tattoos with Meanings

It’s all about emotions, as I have already explained. An initial tattoo is just letters. It usually takes the first alphabet of your names and the name of your loved one or the first letter of the name of your lover.

It all depends on who the person is tattooing his name. It can be a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, parents love for kids, or kids tattoo their parent name also can be pet name.

initial tattoo with meaning
initial tattoo with meaning on hand
initial tattoo on hand

More Initial Tattoo Designs

Simple Letter

You can choose only to use simple letters. Take the first letter from your loved one and make it a tattoo. There are many options for calligraphy designs to make your letter tattoo. Here’s a selection of our favourites.

simple letter tattoo
unique simple letter tattoo
simple letter tattoo designs for men

Intertwined Initial Tattoos

Take the first letter of both names and make them combine. Same thing, as I mention above if the name character match you are the lucky one. Here are some ideas about initial tattoos intertwined.

Intertwined Initial Tattoos
Intertwined Initial Tattoos for women and men
letter intertwined initial tattoos
letter intertwined initial tattoos with heart

Initial Tattoos For Couples

A couple of tattoos are a great option. This means that both of you agree to get a tattoo with your names. You can have tattoos on the same area of your body, such as the wrist or the arm. These are just a few ideas for initial tattoos for couples. You can search more online.

Initial Tattoos For Couples
Initial Tattoos For Couples king and queen
Initial Tattoos For Couples on back
Initial Tattoos For Couples Mouse
Initial Tattoos For Couples in fingers

An Initials tattoo on your wedding ring finger is also very common, and most often, they are requested by newly engaged/married couples.

You can get your initial tattoo on many parts of your body. It all depends on what you choose. I hope you like all of our initial tattoo ideas, and don’t forget to share these designs with your friends on social media.