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50+ Japanese Yakuza Traditional Tattoo Ideas & Designs for Men

Though the concept of Yakuza tattoos originated from the famous Japanese mafia, the design has become popular with tattoo lovers in the western world. It is interesting to note that yakuza members till today believe that they are the conscience keepers of the underprivileged of this world.

Japan Yakuza Style Tattoo Designs for Men

Known for their violent methods of making a livelihood, yakuza tattoos are worn by those whose prime philosophy in life centers on courage, strength and anti-establishmentarian beliefs.

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samurai japan yakuza tattoo
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Since the yakuza believers do not believe in associating with women, it would be perhaps unwise to sport a yakuza tattoo if you were a woman, however strong and courageous you may be. The yakuza organization is a ‘men only’ club. They usually mistrust people and underestimate their physical and mental strength.

Yakuza Back Tattoo Ideas

Yakuza Back Tattoo
Yakuza Back Tattoo ideas
Yakuza Back style Tattoo ideas
Yakuza Back Dragon Tattoo Designs
Yakuza Back Dragon Tattoo Ideas

They believe that women are unfit to fight for any ‘right’. Owing unflinching loyalty to the group leader, they are willing even to die for the sake of the boss. While courage is the most important philosophy in their lives, they would rather die than embrace defeat in a battle.

Yakuza tattoos are common within the yakuza members. Some men even tattoo a black ring round their arm, to mark victory of another crime committed. These designs are large and intricate and may take more than 100 hours to complete. Interestingly, though tattoos have not only become popular in Japan but all across the world, there are some hotels and public bath houses in Japan, which do not allow people with tattoos on!

Types Of Japan Yakuza Tattoos

The yakuza are the “bad guys of society,” a categorization they adore, much the same way some bikers in America are proud to tattoo the slogan “Born to Lose” on their biceps.

  • Yakuza Oni Tattoo

  • Yakuza Tattoo Girl
  • Yakuza Tattoo Girl
    • Yakuza Dragon Tattoo
    • Yakuza Tiger Tattoo
    • Yakuza Tattoo Koi Fish

    The yakuza tattoo designs can be very elaborate and the body art can cover the entire torso, arms and legs up to the mid-calf. In fact, if seen naked, a yakuza tattooed person would look as if he was wearing very long underwear. Dragons, flowers, mountainous landscapes, turbulent seascapes, gang insignias and abstract designs are typical tattoo images used for yakuza designs.

    The process of tattooing these elaborate designs takes hundreds of hours and is normally very painful; but then, it is all about a man and his mettle.

    Ideal Placement for Yakuza Tattoo

    • Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve
    Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve
    • Yakuza Back Tattoo
    Yakuza Back Tattoo
    • Yakuza Arm Tattoo
    Yakuza Arm Tattoo
    • Yakuza Chest Tattoo
    Yakuza Chest Tattoo

    While the lavish and over-played living style of yakuza members may seem a little garish to the western eye, the yakuza members, interestingly, do not believe in keeping a low profile in society. Very dissimilar to other underworld gangs all over the world, the yakuza clubs and gang offices are very prominent in Japanese cities with logos and symbols which announce their existence and operation.

    In fact, in a small country like Japan, there are reportedly 110,000 active yakuza members spread in 2500 families.

    In a society which is known to the world as one of the most disciplined and innovative, the yakuza in Japan, refuses to be ‘mowed down’ and much like Robin Hood saving the oppressed peasants in England, goes about relieving the underdogs in society of the various social injustice which they are subjected to.