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Tattoo Quotes: Favorite Sayings and Mottos Appearing as Tattoos

Many people today are opting for tattoos that say something and don’t just sit on the skin looking pretty or ferocious.

Tattoo Quotes Designs

Perhaps the person lives by a personal creed or motto that defines them not only as an individual, but also a person who has a particular belief they want to advertise to others.

Other people may look for tattoo quotes that express thoughts in smaller words to fit on a particular area of skin on the body. For whatever reasons, tattoo quotes have risen in popularity.

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Font Concerns with Tattoo Quotes

A good tattoo artist is fully aware that the smaller the font of a tattoo quote design, the more it is likely to fade through time.

Tiny tattoo lettering is not recommended because throughout time, tattoo quotes wind up being meaningless blotches of color on the skin.

Therefore, the font type and size is most dependant on the length of the tattoo quote and its placement on a body area. Small, intricate fonts for lengthier tattoo quotes are usually difficult to read which negates the whole purpose of ‘wearing’ a tattoo quote.

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Black tattoo ink is most often used for lettering as it stand the test of time as being the least apt to fade the soonest.

A professional tattoo artist will assist you in choosing the type of font being used, its size, color, and the best placement for your tattoo quote.

Tattoo Design and Tattoo Quotes: Considerations and Ideas

Tattoo quotes can be contained within tattoo designs. For example, part of a wedding vow can be incorporated into a heart tattoo design.

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Ideas for tattoo quotes include:

  • Using the first, last, or small portion of a quote with “…” For example, instead of tattooing the entire Lord’s Prayer, you could do the tattoo quote as, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done.”
  • The title of a poem or sonnet can be used as a tattoo quote.
  • A reference can be used as a tattoo quote such as “John 3:16.
  • Tattoo quotes are often placed on the back because of space and ability to be covered.
  • Tattoo quotes should be non-trendy. A quote that is popular today may age you tomorrow. Who wants, “Life is Groovy” tattooed today?
title of a poem tattoo
Lords Prayer tattoo
Lords Prayer tattoo

Tattoo Quotes Types on the Body

  • Foot Quotes Tattoo
Foot Quotes Tattoo
  • Marilyn Monroe Quotes Tattoo
Marilyn Monroe Quotes Tattoo
  • Religious Quotes Tattoo
Religious Quotes Tattoo
  • Mom Tattoo Quotes
Mom Tattoo Quotes
  • Latin Quotes Tattoo
Latin Quotes Tattoo
  • Buddhist Quotes Tattoo
Buddhist Quotes Tattoo
  • Time Tattoo Quotes
Time Tattoo Quotes
  • Couples Tattoo Quotes
Couples Tattoo Quotes

Other suggestions with the placement of tattoo quotes include.

1. Make sure to find a tattoo artist who is familiar with various font designs and/or calligraphy and has done tattoo quotes on other clients (ask to see portfolio!).

2. Keep in mind that you may want your tattoo quote to be seen by everyone, including at work. If the tattoo quote needs to be covered under certain circumstances, make sure the placement of it can be easily covered.

3. Make sure the tattoo quote you choose is something you’ll still love 20 years from now.

4. Oftentimes, finding an appropriate tattoo quote takes more time to find than a tattoo design. Be sure to research tattoo quotes thoroughly prior to making a final decision.

5. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. As with any other tattoo design recommendations and ideas, become a member of an online tattoo forum.