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Powerful Nordic Dragon Tattoos Ideas & Meaning for Men

Nordic Dragon Tattoos are a popular choices, because these mythological animals have a lot of interesting symbolism. They show up in a variety of cultures, so it is easy to find a dragon tattoo to match your heritage.

Nordic Dragon Tattoos

The dragon’s scales, wings, claws, and fire can be used to create particularly impressive tattoos that show a lot of detail. At the same time, dragons are so recognizable that even a basic silhouette tattoo is enough to represent the figure. If you are thinking about getting a dragon tattoo, you have a lot of great options.

Nordic Dragon Tattoos
Nordic Dragon Tattoos
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Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

Word “dragon” originates from the Greek word “Drakon”, which means “a very big serpent”.

The meanings behind dragon tattoos will change depending on which type of dragon you select. Dragons show up in almost every single culture’s mythology or folk tales, so a dragon’s origin will affect its meaning.

The dragon in Asian culture

  • Dragons are seen as benevolent creatures.
  • Asian dragons are usually wingless.
  • Japanese dragons: Japanese dragons are water deities and are seen as benevolent creatures in Japanese culture. They symbolize strength, flexibility, abundance, and change. In contrast to other dragons, Japanese dragons don’t have wings.
  • Chinese dragons: Chinese culture reveres dragons, and they are symbols of wisdom, wealth, power, and good luck. In ancient times, the emperor of China used the dragon as his symbol.
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The dragon in European culture

  • In Europe, dragons are seen as malevolent creatures.
  • European dragons usually have wings.
  • Germanic dragons: In contrast to the Asian type of dragons, European dragons are malevolent creatures and often have wings. In German mythology, dragons represent greed or wealth.
  • Welsh dragons: The Red Y Ddraig Goch on the Welsh flag symbolizes a kind and wise dragon who protects Wales from invaders.
  • Slavic dragons: In Slavic mythology, dragons are a symbol of masculinity and physical prowess.