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Top Famous Pretty Rose Tattoos Unique Designs for Men & Women

Every tattoo has meaning and its own beauty. There are many designs which are being famous nowadays. Rose tattoos are one of them which people are inking on their body. These Tattoos are for both Men & Women but women are more into Rose tattoos. It is a Symbol of Love & Romance.

If you are going to get Rose Tattoo Design so it is one the best decision you gonna take. It looks fabulous & Stunning once it is done.

rose tattoos on shoulder
rose tattoos on hand
traditional rose tattoo

Top Famous Pretty Rose Tattoos Designs For Men & Women

Rose Tattoos are available in every size such as Small, Medium, and Large. In which you can just add a small rose on any part of your body or you can add tattoo on your full body. Some of the Examples are given below.

  • Rose Tattoos on Wrist
  • Rose Tattoos on Shoulder
  • Rose Tattoos on Arm
  • Rose Tattoos on Back

Do You want a Rose tattoo on your body? Where would you like to have it on your Body? Getting confused? I will help you out. The Location of the tattoo is complete depend on as many roses as you are willing to include on your body and its overall design.

compass rose tattoo
rose hand tattoo
blue rose tattoo

If you are willing to have a full set of roses with complete leaves then Upper Back will make an excellent Canvas for that. Biceps and legs can also be a place to get full tattooed. But if you are willing to have a single rose then it will look pretty on your Neck, Forearm, and hand. If you to ink your love ones name with Rose then the chest which is closest to your heart will be the best location for that.

Rose Tattoos For Women

Women are more into Rose Tattoos as they have used it most of the times as they have it on their Upper back and other parts of the Body. Rose 3D Tattoos are also very Much used nowadays.

rose shoulder tattoos for women
rose wrist tattoos for women
rose tattoos on forearm for women
black and white rose sleeve tattoos for women
rose thigh tattoos for women

Rose Tattoos For Men

Men are making Rose Tattoos with skull and other Designs as using it on their Forearm and other parts of the body. Black Rose tattoos are very much famous for men

rose sleeve tattoos for men
rose hand tattoos for men
rose tattoos for men on hand
small rose tattoos for men
rose tattoos for men on shoulder

People have already inked themselves with many tattoo designs but Rose tattoos are most famous designs to get for girls. People around the world prefer Rose tattoos because it looks amazingly beautiful. It comes with amazing designs and artwork which speaks for itself.

Rose Tattoos Meaning

It carries Emotion itself. Every Tattoo has its own meaning. Especially the Rose tattoo which comes in different colour and designs some of the Rose colours as described below with its Meanings.

  • Red: A Red colour Tattoo is a symbol of love and Romance
  • Yellow: A Yellow Coloured Rose tattoos is the Symbol of Joy & Happiness
  • Orange: A Orange Colour Tattoos which represent your love for living things and represent Optimism
  • Black: A Black Colour Tattoo associate with death. You can honour the lost loved ones. But as a design, Black Rose tattoo is the best choice for you.
Red colour Tattoo is a symbol
 Yellow Coloured Rose tattoos
 Orange Colour Tattoos
Black Colour roseTattoos

We have collected some very amazing ideas and Selected some Mind blowing Tattoos Designs and Ideas for Men & Women. Take a look at some of the beautiful designs below.

hearts and rose tattoos
rose with names tattoos
rose with thorns tattoos
rose pedals tattoos
rose gold tattoos
traditional rose tattoos