Top 45 Beautiful Skull Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Women

Skull tattoo for women are quite common among the tattoo designs for men. Even women can also go for skull tattoos depending on their desire to get inked with a skull tattoo. Almost every tattoo artist, new or experienced, at least has one skull tattoo in their portfolio.

Beautiful Skull Tattoos For Women

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There are many variations among the skull designs- Tibetan skulls, rock-n-roll skulls, sugar skulls and many alike. Apart from the designs, the skull designs also vary in shape, size and colour, however, most of the skull tattoos are found in grey shades. Often skulls are accompanied with roses, snakes, guns, laces or texts to make it appropriate for the individuals getting inked.

Women Sugar Skull Tattoos

Women Sugar Skull Tattoos
Women Sugar Skull Tattoos ideas
Women Sugar Skull Tattoos ideasfor girls
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Tattoos speaks a lot of about your personality and traits, therefore you should be more careful about choosing the apt design. Once you get inked with a design, it is not just a design, it is your thoughts and the traits that come alive on your skin.

While there are many who find a skull tattoo quite morbid, while rest find it cool. People thinks skull tattoos are meant for men, but even women can also go for these tattoos for a gothic look.

Skull Chest Tattoos Ideas

Skull Chest Tattoos Red color
Skull Chest Tattoos Designs
Skull Chest Tattoos Designs for women
Skull Chest Tattoos Designs 2021
Skull Chest Tattoos front

There is another reason behind the popularity of the Skull tattoo for women, mainly because of the abstract designs and the experimental colours used in it. Skull tattoos are a recent trend and a lot of experiments can be done with this, depending on the creativity of the tattoo artist. Choose your tattoo design carefully and keep flaunting it to turn heads, no matter where you go.