Space-Inspired Tattoo Ideas & Designs For Astronomy Lovers

Space Tattoo Ideas

Both men and women love Space Tattoo Designs. These artworks are often small and simple in design. You can have a space tattoo anywhere you want. An arm tattoo of a small moon or other planets will serve as a reminder of how vast and complex our universe truly is.

Space Tattoo Ideas
Space Tattoo Ideas for men
Space Tattoo designs
Space Tattoo designs on hand
Space Tattoo designs black

Since the beginning of time, space has fought the minds of humans. All of us look up at the sky and are inspired by its vastness. People can spend hours looking at pictures of the stars, planets, and nebulas. Some even decide to get tattoos. We have compiled a great collection of simple space tattoos. We are sure you’ll find the perfect idea for your next tattoo.

Simple Space Tattoos

People have looked up at the sky since the beginning of time and wondered where they were located. Very soon, those observers noticed that the sun, moon, stars, and planets followed specific paths in the sky. These paths also changed according to the seasons. Ancient Egyptians observed that the floods of the Nile were correlated with the star Sirius.

Simple Space Tattoos
Simple Space Tattoos ideas
Simple Space Tattoos Designs
Simple Space Tattoos Designs in 2021
Simple Space Tattoos in back

Types Of Space Tattoos

There are many different celestial bodies, so there are many simple space tattoo designs. Space tattoos have their trends, just like every other category of tattoo. We will be covering the most popular.

  • Space Tattoos On Shoulder
Space Tattoos On Shoulder
  • Space Tattoos On Forearm
Space Tattoos On Forearm
  • Space Tattoos On Back
space tattoos on forearm
  • Space Tattoos On Chest
Space Tattoos On Chest
  • Space Tattoos On Black Skin
Space Tattoos On Black Skin
  • Space Tattoos On Leg
Space Tattoos On Leg

Planets & Stars Tattoo Ideas

When we talk about planets, we usually think of the ones found in our solar system. Officially, there are eight planets in our solar system. Because of its rings, Saturn is easy to identify and tattoo. The moon is a popular trend in tattooing and often goes with the sun to create a matching tattoo.

Another excellent option for simple space tattoos is a star. Of course, with our sun being the most famous and beloved star in the universe, you can have lots of others in mind while tattooing.