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Tattoo Removal Options And Cost

Tattoos are a form of body art which has become quite popular among people, especially youngsters, during recent years. The reasons for getting a tattoo will be different for every person.

While some people get a tattoo done to show their love for a person or a thing, there are others who do it to become a part of a particular group or sect. Apart from these, some youngsters get a tattoo as a sign of rebellion against their parents.

Tattoo Removal Options

However, sometimes it happens that people want to get rid of their tattoo after sometime of having it. For instance, if a person had got a tattoo when he was a teenager, and now considers it as a juvenile idea, he would surely want to get rid of it. However, tattoos are permanent marks on the body and hence, it is not an easy thing to remove it.

Nevertheless, there are several methods available today. So, if you have a tattoo and want to get rid of it, it is extremely important for you to know about costs.

Removal Options

Before we get into tattoo removal costs, it is necessary to know about the different types of options. This is important because each method of removing tattoo has a different cost. Knowing about the various ways of removing tattoos will help in choosing an option which the person feels convenient with.

Some of the tattoo removal options that have been practiced since several years include surgical excision, dermabrasion and salabrasion.

Surgical excision, as the name sounds is a surgical procedure where the tattoo is removed along with the skin, and skin from some other part of the body is placed in that area. However, with smaller tattoos, only the tattoo is removed and then, the area is stitched together.

Though the person will only be left with a small scar after the surgery, the chances of infection are very high with this procedure. On the other hand, in case of dermabrasion, the dermatologist, removes the tattoo by scrapping it with a rotary abrasive brush, while with salabrasion, the tattoo is scrubbed with sea salts.

Tattoo Removal Cost

These two methods are not very effective in removing a tattoo, rather they may just help in making it faint. Moreover, these methods can be very painful and can give rise to scarring.

Laser Removal Method

Another method which has become quite popular among people is the laser tattoo removal method. The reason for this is that the laser method is an effective way of removing the tattoo as it usually does not leave any marks on the area. During the laser tattoo removal process, highly concentrated light pulses are targeted on the tattoo which breaks the ink of the tattoo into tiny fragments.

However, laser requires several sittings to take off the tattoo permanently from the body. Moreover, the whole process can be very painful and also has certain side effects. Apart from the laser method, another method which is said to be less painful is the intense pulsed light therapy.

Just like the laser method, even here the tattoo is exposed to high intensity light pulses after applying a gel on the skin. The reason due to which this method is becoming popular is because the sessions required to remove the tattoo completely are very less as compared to the laser method.

Tattoo Removal Costs

As I said earlier, the tattoo removal costs will be different for each tattoo removal procedure. However, one thing I can say is that the removal costs is greater than the price for getting a tattoo done.

Size Of The Tattoo

Also, the cost of tattoo removal is affected by other factors including the size of the tattoo, colors used in it and whether the tattoo is an old one.

Other than this, the geographical location as well as the experience of the person who is doing the procedure will also affect the prices of tattoo removal methods.

The price of getting rid of a tattoo through dermabrasion and excision can be anywhere between a few hundred to thousand dollars. As salabrasion is something that can be done at home too and hence, people only have to invest in some sea salts which are not very expensive.

However, these methods have many side effects and therefore, it is always better to consult a dermatologist before adopting any of these methods.

Tattoo Removal Costs

If you are opting for the laser method, you must understand that it will be quite an expensive procedure. Price can be anywhere between $200 to $500 for every session.

Also, there will be additional costs according to the size as well as the colors used for making the tattoo.

Tattoo Colour

Moreover, if anesthesia is given to the patient during the process, the dermatologist may charge an extra $50 for each shot. Though laser treatment is quite expensive, the removal method which is the most expensive is the intense pulsed light therapy.

For this method, one will have to pay $10 for every pulse used during a session. So, if your tattoo requires lot of sessions to fade completely, the bill that you will receive in the end will definitely be a huge amount.

I hope this article on tattoo removal costs has been helpful for you. Before choosing one among these, consult a reputed dermatologist who can suggest a method which you can afford. Apart from these methods, another way of removing tattoos is by using tattoo removal creams. Buying such a cream is not very cheap, but when compared to the other methods, this is not very expensive.

However, the effectiveness of these creams are not known, though manufacturing companies claim that these creams can help in getting rid of the tattoos after using for extended periods. So, research well about all the options and choose one that you think matches your requirements.