Cool Upper Back Tattoos Ideas & Designs for Men With Latest Images

Upper Back Tattoos was originally used as a mark of belonging to a tribe or clan in ancient times and also to signify the clan member’s rank or status within the tribe. This was utilized for centuries in various cultures in different countries worldwide. In more modern times they were more often sported by bikers, sailors ex cons and gang members however nowadays tattoos are much more mainstream.

Back Tattoos Designs

Back Tattoos Designs
upper back tattoos design
Back Tattoos Designs for men
design for best back tattoos
upper back design tattoos
Back Tattoos Ideas

In fact they are so widely accepted by all aspects of society that they can be found on people almost everywhere you look. This is the ideal way for men and women in the 21st century to express themselves and make a symbolic statement in a manner that is very personal to the individual. One of the most popular designs today has to be upper back tattoos for men and there are several reasons for this.

Apart from the wide area provided as a canvas, the skin on the upper back is nice and flat so it is an ideal surface for the tattooist to work on. This also works well for both large and small designs, and the former is often extended around the shoulders and arms or up the neck. That particular area is also less painful than some other locations chosen for tattoo placement, although most people will still experience some discomfort so do not expect it to be completely pain free.

Upper Back Tattoos For Guys

Upper Back Tattoos
upper back tattoo for guys
Upper Back Tattoos ideas
upper back tattoo for men
Upper Back Tattoos designs
tattoo upper back

There are other benefits with upper back tattoos for men, not least because this area is perfect to cover up with clothing if you work in an environment where having tattoos on display may be inappropriate. This is also a great location for a symmetrical design of medium size between the shoulder blade, which can look visually stunning and is sure to make an impact on anyone who spots it.

Popular images used for this kind of design include angel, fairy and butterfly wings as well as other designs of a similar nature. These also create a mirror image effect if placed on either side of the spine for anyone considering a full length or larger tattoo.

Small Back Tattoos Ideas

Small Back Tattoos Ideas
small tattoo on back of neck
Small Back Tattoos Designs
small back tattoo ideas
small wing tattoo on back
small upper back tattoo

The shoulder blades are also a popular choice for smaller symbolic images that express a man’s identity in a very personal manner be it his character strengths, individual beliefs or even his love for family and friends. Larger designs are often more elaborate and can be extended to stretch down or across other body parts and these often follow a particular theme.

If you are looking for cool designs in upper back tattoos for men there are a variety of places to start your search. These range from tattoo magazines and website galleries to individual portfolios featuring photos of previous work done by tattooists in your area.

Full Back Tattoos Ideas

Full Back Tattoos Ideas
full back tattoo ideas
Full Back Tattoos Designs
full back angel wings tattoo
full back wing tattoo
full back dragon tattoo
full back tattoo designs

However, before you make any decisions it is important to sit down with your tattoo artist to discuss your requirements and to ensure he has the skills and experience to create your desired design. There is nothing worse than a large tattoo of poor quality and if yours is badly done, remember it is a mistake you will be stuck with permanently.

Take you time in choosing the right design for you and make sure you trust your tattooist’s capabilities with absolute certainty before you proceed.

Either way, it is important to find one that has some personal significance to you that you can display with pride for the rest of your life. After all this is a form of self expression, so it is vital that your chosen tattoo is unique and individual to you.

How much does a full back tattoo cost?

A standard full-back tattoo cost to cover the entire back with a lot of detail work and shading will cost from $1,500 to $6,000. A half-back tattoo costs about $1,000 if it’s an outline done in black ink.

How painful is a full back tattoo?

If you’re getting a full back tattoo, you’ll undoubtedly end up hitting parts of the spine and shoulder blades. The areas not on the bone, however, will be less intense.

How long does a back tattoo take?

For a complete back piece, the time could range between 15 to 40 hours depending on the design, but this is not a thing you do often.