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Best Vampire Teeth & Skull Tattoo Symbol Ideas with Meaning

Vampires are mythological characters which survive on human blood. Of course, some vampires also survive on animal blood. While individual traits of a vampire may differ according to the country from where the folklore originates, most vampires are considered the dead brought back to life with the help of human blood.

Vampire Bite Tattoo Designs

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The concept of vampires was popularized during early 18th century from folklores circulating in southern Europe, especially the Balkans and Greece. These were dead humans with unfulfilled desires who re-visited the earth to either kill or create some mischief in the same locality where they lived. They were dark and awe-inspiring in appearance and wore shrouds, and originally did not have fangs.

Vampire Teeth & Skull Tattoos Designs

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Then the vampire was brought to the published and printed book form with the release of the fiction called Dracula in 1897. The vampire had been released from the confines of the folklore and landed on everyone’s bookshelf. This started a whole new genre of vampires with features and characteristics distinctly different from what they were in folklore form.

Vampire Skull Tattoo Ideas

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vampire skull tattoo ideas
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The popularity of vampires goes unabated even in the 21st century. Count Dracula, the most famous vampire, who was not dead, viciously fanged and who hated sunlight was thus born. Traits like hatred for garlic and susceptibility to staking were attributes lifted from folklore.

The belief in vampires spread in the 18th and 19th centuries mainly in New England especially in Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut. Legend says that many families in these regions disinterred the bodies of their loved ones and removed their hearts with the belief that the loved ones had turned into vampires, which brought ill luck and deaths in the family.

Vampire Bat Tattoos for Women & Men

Vampire Bat Tattoo
vampire bat tattoo designs
vampire bat tattoo designs for women
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The design concept of a vampire tattoo is such that the artist can also add his creative touches freely. So if you want a Japanese or Chinese vampire tattoo, you could also get some words inscribed around it to further accentuate your belief or idea.

The image of Dracula, the most famous vampire in the world, is a good tattoo idea as it portrays challenge, evil and fear, which in design form, can be very interesting.