45 Cool White Tiger Tattoo Designs & Ideas For Your Next Ink

For people who would like to have something wild, untamable animal tattooed on their bodies, the white tiger is a perfect tattoo design. All tattoos project a particular image. Tigers are normally associated with power, intelligence, might and ferocity; the tiger tattoo would also portray similar images.

White & Black Tiger Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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In fact, the tiger and the white tiger (a rarity in the world) have been the prime topic in many mythological stories and folklore in many countries in the world – especially Asian countries. These stories have always regarded and revered the tiger as an animal not to be taken lightly. The various cultural beliefs made tiger tattoo a big hit with tattoo lovers in the western world.

Just like people love butterflies, fairies and flowers to exude a soft image, people love white tiger or tiger tattoos for a powerful, no-nonsense and strong image.

Tiger tattoos are the tattoo artists’ favorite too. White tigers, also called albinos or snow tigers, are done in start black and white and can look extremely attractive if done by a skillful tattoo artist. The source of such a white tiger is usually a picture from a magazine or a drawing by a reputed artist. The white tiger has especially been made famous by some of the renowned magic acts and the white tiger tattoo depiction can even look magical.

Japanese White Tiger Tattoo Ideas

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When you decide to go ahead with a white tiger tattoo, the first thing you need to do is to locate a good picture of the animal. You could search the net, or the catalogue of a reputed parlor, who are experienced in tattooing animals. Whatever good picture you locate, you could add your innovations and creativity and make the white tiger tattoo unique for you. The location where you want your white tiger tattoo would largely depend on the dimensions of the picture you choose. For instance, a long vertical design would look excellent on the leg or the arm.

Baby White Tiger Tattoo

Baby White Tiger Tattoo
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The most important thing to remember when you are getting a tattoo design is that it is going to remain with you for the rest of your life. It is not like a car or a piece of clothing which you either discard or throw away when it does not suit you anymore. Also, there is hardly any individuality in following someone else’s design. Even if you choose a white tiger from the front page of a popular magazine, you could always add a bit of your own ideas to make it unique and different from the rest.

Since a tattoo is for a lifetime, a good idea is to select the design and then contemplate over it for a few months. If the design still haunts you, it is a signal that you will like it under your skin forever. Be it a white tiger tattoo or any other tattoo design.